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Help! Trc And Vsc Lights On Gear + C1336


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Hello everybody!

First I what to apologize for English and lack of technical knowledge. I have a problem with my Lexus ES300 2003 and I'm in the Dominican Republic. The reason I'm saying this is because finding useful people here for helping is close to impossible.

So what happend is that first my battery died .. so this happens and I got a new one. When the guys from a car wash ( they do some car services also ) sold me the battery they told me that the car is not charging the battery enough and that whatever he was telling me needs to be fixed. He told me that he is not able to do that, but there where places close by I could get it fixed. I went to a bridgestone repair place near by and they said they can fix it, but I don't know what they did and now I have the VSC and the TRC lights on when I put the car from P -> D. This means that I start the car normally, but when I change it to D the lights get turned on. They told me the car was giving a C1336 error and in two words that after spending 8 hours there they are not sure how to fix it and that I have to come back another day. Also I got charged for that they spent 8 hours fixing their own problem.

The only lights on are the VSC and TRC. The engine check and everything else is OK. I read some other threads regarding the TRC light on, but they all had the engine check on as well.

I really ask you guys who are able to please assist me with this and help me find a solution. I don't know how bad this problem is or where to take the car. Service here is REALLY BAD!.

Thank you very much for at least reading this.



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I went to an authorized repair center in the nearby town and they fixed it in 2 mins.

It might be helpful if you post the solution so that others in the future can be aware of what may cause the issue.

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Sadly I'm not sure exactly what he did, because it was so fast and I was so happy it got solved I forgot to ask. But from what I saw he plugged the car for diagnostic entered the model and then he pressed something on the device and that was it.

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