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Dash Warning

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Dear friends

My lexus RX400H is a Japanese one with warnings coming in Japanese. I have clocked 33,000KMs. Occasionally the Red Triangle(Not the brake signs) lights up and beeps when the SUV is on D, brakes fully pressed and stationed. Both occasions I noticed it when I stopped the car for my wife to get down while I was on D after about 8-10KMs of a run. After about 15 Secs it goes away when I start moving. The message in Japanese is not the same as a Triangle warning when the key is out of range after a start.

1. I just want to know whether anyone has experienced this and willing to give a tip or advice.

2. It is great if there is a site where the messages are translated.

3. I had a Merc before and on red dash warnings you are suppose to stop. Yellows are informative and you can proceed. Are the Red Triangle warnings meant to stop and visit a dealer for RX?



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What year is your vehicle? My guess is that it is either a "maintenence required" notice (time to change the oil and oil filter) or if your vehicle is 5 years old and still has its original 12 volt battery, it's time to replace it with a new one. The tattle-tale sign that the battery is getting weak is a message that tells you to place the shifter in Park, even though it already is in Park.

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