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Speed Cameras


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In our city they post the location of the portable speed camera every day on the TV news and radio so drivers know where it is going to be located. Even though the whole idea of speed cameras is repugnant to many, this seems like a pretty fair deal for a city to try.

Does your city do this?

What is your opinion about this arrangement?

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Wow funny you should bring this up, because here in RI they've been talking about installing several of those speed cameras on various roads. We already have a few "red light" cameras that take a pic when you go through a red, but speed cameras are a different story.

I've already got a special cover on my rear license plate that prevents the entire plate from being read from the left, right, below and above, so from the angle of the camera, they wouldn't be able to get a shot with every letter of the plate being visible. And without every letter being visible, legally i couldn't get a ticket. This is the only cover that actually works at the angle the cameras are at. It uses a different film on each side, whereas others only have one.




And best of all, it's legal! The literature of the license plate cover law in RI states it must be visible from 100 feet behind. It doesn't specify at what angle! From directly behind the plate's still readable. I had this cover on my Rx300 and put it on the Rx400h, and have never been questioned about it...

What i'm worried about with these "speed cameras" though is HOW they get your speed. Cops have radar guns and laser guns, which i don't worry much about since there's some warning with detectors (and i've got a laser jammer system which i tested and works!). But some of these speed cameras use motion sensors in the ground that detect when a car passes over them (similar to drive-thru's). Two sensors are placed x distance away and a computer calculates the time it takes for a car to pass from one to the other and uses the measured distance to calculate average speed. Then, a few hundred feet down the road lies the camera, which takes the picture. There's no system to detect where these sensors are before you pass over them.

Paul, do you know anything about the portable ones they're using in your area? Do they use radar?

I think these are a horrible idea. There have been a couple of studies showing that the incidence of car accidents at intersections with red light cameras has INCREASED after the cameras were installed. Apparently when people look up and see them, they slam on their brakes and get rear-ended in an effort to avoid getting a ticket. I don't blame them... Since it's not an actual person giving the ticket, there's really no "gray area", ie: maybe there was something in the way which required someone to go through... Only an actual person should be able to give a ticket based on the situation and severity.

But, it's all about money!

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All I know is in MD any tag cover is illegal! I have had them on every car I have ever had and still have them on the X5. But had to take them off my stopped twice for them.

CD the way I understand it the cameras takes a picture and it clocks you at specific distances so if as soon as you saw the camera and you were traveling 60 in a 45 you slammed on brakes you could actually slow down enough before the 2nd time it clocks you and you would be ok. I know a few troopers and that is what they told me. They basically said if you ever see a speed camera and you are speeding just hit the brakes and slow down as much as you can and it will throw the avg speed off. Haven't had to try it yet.

Back to the question...IMHO don't like it at all. Pure revenue maker plain and simple! Why not just design my damn car to give me a ticket when I speed or roll through a stop sign? I don't have a problem with the speed cameras in front of schools though!

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Nice looking ride!!!

I'm not 100% sure on this, but I think the speed cameras here are radar based. I will do some further checking into this and let you know if it is otherwise.

I have read various articles regarding the license plate covers and like many things the opinions run from "Best thing Ever" to "Quackery" Keep in touch with your experiences.


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