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New Ls430: Dealer Detailing Options

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I just picked up my new 2004 LS430. Very Nice. As I was completing the deal, the dealer of course tried to sell me detailing options - an exterior paint sealer, carpet protector, and leather conditioner. I declined all , as it seemed to me like a come on - he wanted about $250 for each of these - would have been $750. Now the car obviously is expensive and I want to take good care of it - but I don't want to be fleeced. Are the dealer type products really any better than what I could do myself (e.g. buy leather conditioner for probably $15 and apply it in 20 - 30 minutes.) ? Any specific recommendations for exterior/interior products for this car (color is "Flint Mica" - basically a dark gray, with black leather interior.) ?

Separate from the detailing options above, they also wanted to sell me a product called Scothal, which is basically a transparent film they apply/adhere to the front end of the car to resist rock chips. I was tempted to say Yes to this one, but I figured I can always go back and get it after looking into it a bit. They want a lot for this - $695. Besides the cost, I was concerned if this product itself might have problems, like peeling or discoloring.

Any thoughts on the detailing/scotchal products, doing it myself vs a detailer (except for the scothal, which I would not consider doing myself.), specific product recommendations, etc. Thanks a lot.

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Quite the opposite, the products you can do it yourself with are FAR better than the junk the dealers use, plus you risk the very likely proposition that they'll damage your car. I dont let the dealer even just wash mine.

Read around here and read the tutorials on and you'll be set!

Welcome and congrats! Sounds like you and my dad have the exact same car, 04 flint mica on black. I find Poorboys EX looks amazing on this color, I detail his for him all the time.

I would consider the clear bra. I wish I had one applied to my car, and $700 is a good price for it.

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