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?transmission Problems

Mrs. J

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Hi, we bought a beautiful LS430 a few days ago. Drove it from Boston to Dallas with no problems at all. Looks to be an absolutely pristine car, 6811 miles (confirmed)on purchase. We got it home, I drove it out of the garage to wash it, and now I can't get it out of park. I used the automatic override, and can get it to drive around, goes in reverse and other gears ok. I have to use the override every time to get it out of park. My dashboard lights, air, electrical system also aren't working, but I'm hoping I just got a fuse wet. Doesn't this sound like the typical used car nightmare? Does anyone have any thoughts on the park/gear shift dilemma? Can't believe we drove this car 2,000 miles, and we're going to have problems now. Trying to get some answers on this before my husband finds out, this will break his heart. Thanks for your help!

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I thought the same thing but it wouldn't explain the loss of the electrical items mentioned also. I would check all the fuses both in the engine compartment and under the dash but cannot see how washing the car caused the problem.

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