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Ls 400 "b" Pillar Black Vinyl Coating Replacement


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I have a 2000 Lexus LS 400 Platinum Edition that has developed an odd problem on the passenger door.

On the passenger front door "B" pillar molding the black plastic/vinyl coating has peeled off the bottom edge. I checked with Lexus and they only sell the entire window frame (at $600.00+!) to repair the problem. Checks with a couple of local high-end body shops have not resulted in any help.

I've seen ebay ads for large sheets of black vinyl to cover trim pieces and they look promising and not too expensive. The vinyl looks like the thickness of black electrical tape.

I would appreciate any advice or experience sharing fellow Lexus owners may provide on using the vinyl or any other repair method. Also - I would appreciate guidance on installation of the vinyl for this trim piece - it feels like it is snapped-on the window frame. Does it "pop-off" with a little pressure?


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Are you sure it's not just paint? Is it "soft" ie can you dig your nail into it and make an indentation?

You'd have to remove this coating from the rest of the pillar and refinish the entire thing. Personally, i'd simply paint the pillar flat black. If you start dealing with vinyl tapes and what not, you'll be able to see the edge and it would most likely begin to peel again.

Simply remove it from the rest of the panel, sand, prime and paint and call it a day. <_<

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I don't think it is paint. It has the thickness and feel of hard black electrical tape (kind of crispy).

The adjuster that looked at it also thought it was a coated piece.

You are probably correct that I can peel the rest of the coating off and paint it.

I'll give it another week or so and, if no one else has any suggestions or experience, I will probably just paint it.


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This same stuff was on the doors of my truck in the same place. Mine had paint underneath it.

You should be able to take it to a body shop and have them re-wrap it with vinyl (thats all it is). Otherwise, look for a graphics shop, finish peeling it yourself. Take it to said graphics shop (specializing in vinyl graphics) and let them have a go at it.

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