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Help....i Am Burning Up!

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Please help. I have an 01 GS430 that I am trying to keep using but southern temps and humidity are killing me. A/C does not come out of the middle 2 dash vents. Hear a clicking/whirring noise near drivers side of dash. Need an inexpensive fix as car has over 200K and dealership wants a fortune to repair. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Since you say that the "dealership wants a fortune to repair" I'm assuming that you have had the problem evaluated at a Lexus dealership and have been given a diagnosis and a cost of repair. What did the dealer say was the problem?

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They said the " blend door" air mixture servos are making a grinding noise which likely is the cause.

The warranty time to replace the servo(s) on your vehicle is about 6.0 labor hours. If this is the time they are using to estimate your repair, they are not being fair to you. The time quoted includes removing the instrument panel. This, however, is not completely necessary and there are short cuts to getting at one. I assume they actually tried to operate the different servos to determine which one(s) were needed and not just recommending you replace all of them.

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