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2002 Top Issues - Help


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I am looking at an '02 that is in great shape, but the top is not working. I have checked the switch in the glove box, the trunk seems to be closed and the car is running. I have held the switch. When I first started looking at this issue, the red light on the switch was not lit. If I engaged the trunk switch, the light would blink. Nothing would happen. The windows would not roll down, the trunk would not open, etc. So, I wanted to make sure the mechanism was not defective. I manually released the trunk, opened it. Manually cranked open the latch on the roof and lifted it to vertical. I tried to open the shelf to the 30-45 degree angle needed to continue. I could not get it to lift. After trying several times, I closed the roof, latched it and then closed the trunk and made sure it was latched. I tried to use the open close button again. Now the red light is staying on as if it is not fully open or closed and the trunk release button doesn't work. I have tried to re-do the steps again with the same results. I disconnected power on the battery for 15 minutes and still have the issue. When I start to drive the alarm goes off.

Please help.

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Attached is a doc on resetting the roof system but it sounds like you have already tried something similar.

If you have good diagnostic skills and the appropriate equipment, troubleshooting information about the top system on could be useful. A 2-day standard subscription is $15.

2002 SC430-roof-operation-stopped-by-trunk-open-request.pdf

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