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Winter Handling?


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I'm looking at purchasing a gx470 or 460 in the next year or so to replace my wife's rig. We need extra room for additional car seats. My wife loves her jeep. It is a Grand Cherokee Limited with the V8. It has been exceptional in the snow with all time all-wheel drive and the option for low range. Though her driving is all on road, we do live in Alaska, and she has a job that requires her to get in when called regardless of the weather.

How is the gx going to compare with the jeep?

It must be able to handle:

-As much as 30 inches of fresh snow

-Snow berms when plowing is not completed before leaving

-Ice (both patchy ice on the road and very thick/slick ice when we get an occasional winter rain

-3 carseats

It will have studded snow tires on it in the winter. I've heard great things, and know it is based off of the 4runner which has a great reputation for 4wheel drive handling. I also will purchase in the winter time so I can test drive. I just want to find out what to expect before I buy one.



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I have had two jeeps one when I was younger and one as a comparison! I love my GX and it handled this past winter with no problem at all. We don't get near as much snow as you but this year we got quite a lot of snow...was kind of fun!

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