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Mp3-Usb Trouble; Confused


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I'm not sure I can explain my problem well enough to make it clear and understandable, but here goes.

I have a Sansa Fuze MP3 player which I plug into the USB port of my 2010 ES. I got the player in March of this year and it worked fine for quite a while. Then, over the last month or so, when using the player with the cars audio system, the cars system has been doing some odd things. For example, As I'm listening to a tune from the player I'll stop the car and turn off the ignition and get out for a while. This means that the car audio system was left in the USB mode in the middle of a tune which was coming from the MP3 player.

Now, here is one of the odd problems. When I get back in the car and start it up, instead of the audio starting where it left off, I will look over and find the system power is off!(even though it was left in the on mode). I will turn on the power, and instead of resuming with the tune from the MP3 player the system turns on to a AM station. It does this every time you go through the above mentioned scenario.

The sound quality is fine and the car audio system charges the player just fine.

I have had the car into the dealer for a once over and they have tried several things to make it work again. They also tried hooking up two different iPods from people in the shop and then the system worked fine. They felt that it might be the cord attached to my Sansa Fuze. I have also called the SanDisk company and gone over the problem. They are clueless and know nothing about the Lexus system even though their literature says the player is compatible.

I have also tried changing the USB settings in the MP3 player. I know this is long a tedious, but if anyone has any ideas or suggestions please jump in.

Thank you very much.


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I have done more diagnostics on this problem using two additional techs and a side by side test with an Ipod and have decided that for what ever reason my SanDisk "Sansa Fuze" is simply not compatible with the Lexus audio software/system. I have poured over the owner manual for Lexus and Sansa and have called Sansa several times to no avail. So I give up. It appears that the only mp3 format type player that will give you full function is the Ipod.

Consider this thread closed and thanks to those who read it.


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