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Sc 300/400 Mileage

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Hi guys, I'm currently new to this forum and I'm in the market to buy a SC300/400.

Here is my problem. I'm 18 and i really want me a SC. I've seen many people on Craigslist selling their and i found one i liked,

but my parents say that i'm only gonna run into problems with it. It has 150,000 miles on it and my parents say that's way too much

mileage for this car. It's a '92. If i can at least have some of you guys posting photos of your mileage and how it runs, this will show them

that not only is this car great, but also has a long life to go. I've seen this car personally and everything is good. Even took the

family mechanic and he also said it was good.

Please Help me get into this SC300.

Thank you for looking and if you post a pic, thank you so very much.

(I heard and seen that Toyota/Lexus guys are pretty laid back. Thank You)

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Welcome to LOC! :cheers:

OK well i think your parents are trying to look out for you. Get the service records. If all services have been done then it should last you for a long time. But you need to understand that any car with 150k on it is going to have upkeep. I honestly don't know anything about your situation so I won't advise you on to buy or not...but I would listen to your parents about this. Now if you are buying this car and you are paying all of your bills and you are out on your own...then it is up to you!

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yeah, true. thank you. well i do still live with my parents, so i understand where they're coming from. I guess they want to have a car that's at least somewhat new so i have less problems in the future

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I have an SC400 with just over 167K miles and my father put about 5grand in and then I helped with the $2600 for the rebuilt tranny, so you need to make sure you know what you're getting into before you buy anything. There is alot to go wrong with any car, BUT if you love it, have to have it, and have the money, time and energy to put into it you should buy it! A car you love and enjoy driving is worth the extra work.(:

Have Fun with your future Lexus.

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Here's a link with Sc mileage also keep in mind this vehicle is RWD. It's imperative you check tire wear, hydroplaning can occur in rainy/wet conditions drive cautiously in such weather. Here's a suggestion, have your dad test drive the Sc. He will love the ride and might buy the vehicle for himself as a Father's Day gift...PRESTO! You have the Sc. Something to consider when looking for common problems with the Sc, here is the link. Good luck!

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