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Recommended Posts relationship has ended and I will no longer be considered a proud owner of the sc400 bad news for me but hopefully good news for you guys

I hydroplaned over the weekend and hit a curb bending my left strut rod and lower control and literally popped my tire. We are talking near 1000$ in repair for parts and labor and Im just not interested... I love this car but there are to many electrical problems to chase down and fix after I get that repaired so I'm parting out luckily for you guys who need damn near rare suspension and other parts I replaced nearly most of my suspension and tuned up my engine and kept it in good running condition the tranny sounds bad could go out not sure but there is this clanking every time I shift of course thats only on cold starts.

ok so anyway Im located in Raleigh, North Caroloina contact me via email at with your REAL NAME please I dont wanna deal with some hotrod84 or cutetread98 and with a phone number if you want as well as the parts you are interested in and offer price first come first serve and relax even though I know how hard it is to get your hands on parts for this car I wont ask for ridiculous prices but please bear in mind that most of my suspension barely has 5,000 miles of wear on it and also unless you can offer at least $2500 don't ask to buy the full car any questions post or email me (email is better as I check that on a nearly hourly basis

and now a moment of silence for my baby....

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