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Question About 10K Service In Northern Va Area

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I need to get the 10k service done on a 2010 IS250RWD. Pohanka is quoting me $229.00. I called an independent shop that has been recommended on the forum, and they quoted me $185.00. I was expecting bigger savings than just $45, but I guess this is better than nothing.

Is this the best price that I am going to find for this particular service? How much did you pay?, or even better, has anyone gotten a better price around the Washington DC area for this service? If so, could you recommend the shop you took it to?



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Nothing of significance needs to be done during 10K service other than oil and filter change. (They cannot rotate staggered tires on RWD IS250).

Just tell them (Lexus dealer) you want a Mobil 1 synthetic oil change (expect to pay about $119) and you will be good for another 10K miles. First major service is at 30K miles, which is closer to $550.

More to the point of your question, the $45 (20%)savings from independent is about what I would expect, since this is a minor service. On a more major service savings should be closer to 25% to 30%.

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I work in Tysons and took my car to the Toyota in Tysons (Koons) for the routine service. It's been years since my 10k service, but I believe it was less than $100 there. I could never justify driving all the way out to Chantilly - especially at 3x the cost. Just take a copy of the 10k mile service items in for them to confirm they will perform them (if you're worried).

Good luck.

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