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1993 Sc400 Will Crank But Not Start


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This car was garage kept for 17 years,only 119,000 miles, finally made it my airport car. Now it sits outside and is only used about every other month. The battery died within about 3 months. Recharged it and it would only get to 85% capacity after 8 hrs @2amp and 3 hours @8amp charge. Car still fired up as normal. Filled tank with 10% blend ethanol, Georgia law now, and drove for about 50 miles. Ran perfectly fine, as always. Only 3 weeks later, went to start it, yes, battery needed a jump, but that little push allowed the motor to crank effortlessly, and unfortunately, continoulsy with no fire or even a hint of fire. Let starter cool for 15 minutes and same result. Could the ethanol blend be causing the problem? Should I disconnect the battery and let it sit and then reconnect. Since it won't fire, should I check the engine codes first? Or could it be something else caused by sitting outside and not being run but once every other month. I have checked the numerous other posts on matters like this, but haven't had another chance to troubleshoot the problem. I also bought and installed one of the solar panel 1.5 volt battery maintainer devices that plug into the cig lighter( did this 3 months ago), could this cause any problems?

Thanks for any advice.

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