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2004 Ls430


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I am currently deciding between a 745Li or an LS430...clearly, the lexus is more luxurious, but the BMW makes much more of a statement and the handling is on par with the finest of German cars...

What do you suggest?

Also, I do want a smooth ride but the 18" wheels on the LS430 makes the car look twice as good and less bland - does it really make the ride much harsher?

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The 18 inch wheels aren't availiable with the air suspension, only with the euro suspension. If you're looking at a 745Li with those big 19s and 20s, the ride of the LS with the 18s isn't going to bother you.

My dad just bought an 04, fully loaded Ultra Luxury with the air suspension and the 17s., he seriously looked at the 745Li but ultimately liked the ride, understated look, and simpler controls of the Lexus. He also had a 98 LS before that and was more than a little concerned about reliability glitches in the BMW.

I say Lexus, and this is a Lexus board so you'll hear that a lot ;) Seriously though, just drive the cars and whatever puts the biggest smile on your face, go for it. I can personally attest to the Lexus being a great car, my dad had his 98 since new and put 150,000 miles on it with no problems, its the most trouble free car in the industry. The BMW is not going to be as reliable, but like you said it does make more of a statement.

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I was in the same position in early November, deciding between a BMW 745i/iL or a 2004 Lexus LS 430.

I was trading in my 1998 BMW 740iL so I was siding more on getting a BMW 745i/iL. I did have previous experience with a Lexus since I owned a 1992 LS 400 until I traded in for the 1998 BMW 740iL.

I liked both cars but it was a matter of reliability and ease of use which made me decide on the Lexus. Resale is better with the Lexus.

Read the Dec. issue of Car and Driver wherein they compared six $70,000 cars (Lexus Ls430, Jaguar, Audi, BMW 745i, VW Phaeton, Mercedes Bexz S430).

They chose the Lexus LS430 over the rest. BMW 745i came in 3rd.



2004 Lexus LS430 Euro-Tuned Susp, Modern Luxury Package, SmartAccess

Mercury Metallic/Ash

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