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New Wheels/do I Need Sensors?

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If the wheels mounted on the car do not have TPMS sensors, thent he little idiot light will stay on.

Two solutions: 1. get a second set of sensors and mount them in the new wheels, 2. put a little piece of black electrical tape over the idiot light.


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I wanna put factory gs350 18" wheels on my lexus that has 17" wheels. Is this possible? And, will if effect the AWD?

Need help......please

Go for it.

My winter tires (225/50-17) are mounted on the stock 17" wheels and my three season tires (245/40-18) are mounted on Lexus G-Spyder 18" wheels. There are plenty of options for 18" wheels out there, pick something that really pops (doesn't have to be Lexus brand.

The only thing I noticed is the 18" tires rubbed a tiny little bit on the back wall of the wheel well when I cut the steering wheel all the way when making a left turn. This stopped after about 15,000 miles on the tires.


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