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"gs Thump"

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Hello All.

I test drove a 99 GS 400 today. I had 124k on the clock. While driving, when I would Hit the gas I would hear a "Thump" sound. The car went through all the gears fine after that but whats that sound? While maintaing 45 mph and hitting the gas I would get the same sound. Normal? Also, while at idle I her a "power steering pump" whine, but when turning the wheel left to right It didnt get louder. Tapping the gas made it whine more? They are asking 11 for the car.

Please Advise..


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The "thump" is not normal. I had a similar "thump" when hitting the gas hard from low speeds... I never noticed it at 45 mph though. Mine was a broken motor mount; replaced motor mount and no more thump. I also had a similar "whine" but it had nothing to do with the power steering and yours might not either... mine was the drive belt pulley. Hope that helps, FH>

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