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Stuck Passenger Seat

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My passenger seat seems to have some problems. It has power, all the cables are connected and the seat back goes up and down and the left side rail goes back and forth but the right side rail "seems" to move only about an inch and then the seat starts to go sideways. I plan on taking it out tomorrow because I found some info on how to fix a power seat in a much more recent Toyota but I was wondering what your guys thoughts were on this problem. I have searched everywhere and I seem to be the only one it is happening to.

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

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Here's a helpful link addressing the problem:


I had the same problem in my '92 SC400 driver's seat. The plastic endcap holding the wormgear that moves the seat forward / back loosens and sometimes even falls out. Look for a round plastic piece on the floor if you remove your seat from the car. To get to the wormgear, refer to an exploded diagram of the seat to see which parts to remove to get in to it. The endcap is located behind the trim containing the seat controls.

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Please let me know how you made out. I have the same issue.


P Marlowe

I just fixed the same problem on my car Sunday. be careful putting the plastic nut back, it is easy to cross thread it. Easy fix though. The nut on mine had come totally off I found it by my back seat

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