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Satellite Radio Volume Level

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Not only is the volume level much lower in SAT radio in my RX350, but it seems to be getting even lower over the last week. Anything happening with XM Canada?

Same problem here. 2011 RX 350. There is a setting to adjust this which I have tried. It made no difference at all. When I switch to Satellite from regular radio I have to turn the volume up about 15-20 points. Irritating.

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That is pretty normal for all cars, some audio systems are better than others, but they all do that to some point.

Sounds a little odd...In both of my Lexus, 2005&2010 ES's; they had/have factory Sat radio and there has been very little difference in volume levels when switching from one band to another. Especially when you say your experiencing a differential of 15-20 points! If you think about it, starting at 0 volume on the controls and turning it up 20 points on the scale that would be pretty loud. (Not for your Kids of course), but considering most people find a level of 30 to be about the highest level they find comfortable.

The ASL circuit in the system could I suppose have some fault in this but only if it only happened just after you've been driving on a noisy highway or something similar. Is this issue peculiar to the RX? Is the radio system in the RX that much different from the units in other Lexus models say the GS?

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I agree, if its 10-15 points different when switching from XM to regular radio, there is something wrong. On my Rxh, there is very little difference when switching form the different bands. On my other car that have HD radio, there is no difference at all, maybe it has something to do with the radio's incoming signal level.

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