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Passenger Front Wheel Well Liner Needed

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my husband's ES300, 2003 model passenger side front wheel well liner has come loose and pieces have broken off. he had to cut the dangling bits off so it wouldn't hit the wheel while driving. it needs to be replaced. i am trying to source the part for him. I would go to a U Pull It junkyard for the part but I fear there are rivets holding it on in some places that we don't know how to remove without damaging it.

As an aside, even if we are able to source a part (new or used) getting it put on may present a problem, but one thing at a time. First, to source the part, second to get it installed.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Or know the part number I'm looking for.

Thanks for your suggestions.

(I myself, and a member of this forum, have a Lexus RX300)


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when you locate the part you're looking at a "U pull It" you might try approaching some other customers there who look like they might be more mechanically inclined and ask if they would be interested in installing it for you. Just a thought.

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Thanks folks, i've sourced the part locally (new) $45. And their mechanics will install for $31. Not worth my time and hassle to do it myself. BTW the mechanic says there aren't any rivits but small plastic trim retainers that just pop out.


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