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Rx300 Installing Amplified Sub

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I just purchased a Certified 01 RX300. Sweet ride!

I am installing an amplified subwoofer in the back. I would like to run the speaker level leads from the two rear speakers. However there seems to be a crossover on these speakers because the bass appears to be supressed. If possible I don't want to have to go to the in car amp for the lead. This is going to be more work than I would like to do. My question is what set of speakers can I run a full range lead from?

Thanks Guys

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Hey Nick,

I just had the Amp and Sub professionally installed last week. For anyone in the Allentown, PA area I would highly recomend A&S Installation, they are very professional. They were able to get the lead from the front speakers out of the factory amp. This appears to be a full range connection. I also had them Dynamat Extreme the front doors along with Tac Mat by Dynamat. The dynamat has given the system a pucnch I have heard only in $10,000 plus systems. Best thing, no rattles at any volume. They did a great job and also custom mounted my amp inside of the spare tire so you don't even see it.

Lots of luck with your system!


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