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06 Gs 300 Oil Ring Failure Needs Short Block

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Hello to all. I am new to forum here. I did search to see if there were any threads on my problem. My 2006 GS 300 with 87k miles has started using oil. Analysis at the dealer suggest an oil ring failure and need to replace the short block. Original estimat 12k. Was able to get some concessions to reduce cost from Lexus and from the dealer but still expensive. Car has had all scheduled maintenance at Lexus dealer since bought new there. Car is a daily driver with occasional short highway trips. No towing or off road activity. Car is garaged every night.

My question is does anyone have any experience with this and what might have led to an oil ring failure under these relatively benign operating conditions? I apreciate any advice or shared similar stories.

Thanks in advance.

Dave Savage

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This problem sounds odd for a well-maintained car. Since there are many different things that can cause oil consumption, have you considered getting a second opinion from another Lexus dealership or independent mechanic?

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you say it is using oil but fail to mention how much oil is it using?

Is there blue smoke coming out the exhaust? I would have to assume that the dealer has made all necessary investigations to deduce that it is in fact oil ring failure (I would hope). If it is an oil ring failure, why not just replace the oil rings, why is a new block in need?

Have you tried a heavier oil to reduce loss, like a 5w-40 or 10w-40?


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