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Weathertech Cargo Liner

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I have been transporting some rather dirty things in my 2007 RX400h recently and am thinking about buying a WeatherTech cargo liner. But the $120 price seems high. Has anyone seen these discounted?

Tom in AZ

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Hi Tom,

I haven't seen them discounted, but I can tell you that I think that they are worth the price. I bought a full set for our '09 RX350 and we swap them in around October and back out to use the regular mats in the Spring (we just did it last weekend). They hold up extrememly well and eliminate any concern about snow/ice/mud damaging yoru carpet or regular mats. In fact, this time, we left the rear rubber matt in, becuase my wife has been purchasing some plants at the local nursery and the mat with its high sides helps keep the dirt/mud/debris contained. I made a simple rack with four spring clamps in my garage to hold the 'standby' mats while the others are in the car. This keeps them up off the floor and out of the way. Sorry this sounds a bit like a commercial, but we really like them.

Hope this helps,

Jon W.

Seattle, WA

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I just purchased a cargo liner for my 06 Rx400h from Irontoad. Love it. Took a day or two to unfold from shipping, but very happy with it and the $76.00 price tag.

Take a look.

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