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First Post! Need Help Sourcing A Part


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Hello all. Just signed up here. Have a 2005 LS430 and I'm trying to replace an interior panel and need to make sure I am looking at the right part. Also curious to get recommendations on where to buy. The part in question sits on the drivers side B pillar between where the seat belt attaches and the floor. The previous owner clearly rubbed this piece pretty hard getting in and out (must have been belt or something) and it looks terrible and needs to be replaced. I think it is part 62413A based on the following diagram:


Can anyone tell me if that looks like the right piece based on what I described? I also dont know if I have selected the right part for drivers side (description says right or left only). Last, anyone bought parts here before? If you have a better suggestion on where to buy let me know. I assume install shouldnt be too difficult?


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If I am interpreting the diagrams correctly, I think you need part 62414A for the drivers (LH) side. It looks to me that 62413A is for the passenger (RH) side. in Texas has it for $117.39 with a ClubLexus forum discount and I can vouch for their service but which place is cheaper depends on how far each is from you and the shipping costs.

This trim piece is easy to replace - should take a couple of minutes at most. You might want to order a couple of trim clips in case some break when you remove the old trim piece.

It's odd that the part is not shown specifically for an 05 LS430 but that may just mean that they are the same for all model years.

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