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Spare Tire Size Help


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New to the club and would like some help on info for the range of spare tire sizes I can use on a SC 430. I know of the 17" original size but can I go with a 16" or anything else to make it easier to find one. What other car spares would fit as there are no lexus spares in my area. I read the other post on spare tires and their suggestions to search this site but it didn't come up with anything helpful.

What I'm intersted in knowing is what other popular cars spare will fit on the SC430.

I appreciate your help.



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I got my 2008 Mazda Speed 125/70D17 spare off of Ebay for $95 with shipping. It fit both front and back locations and I took it for a test drive on the front. The Mazda Speed spare is a 17", like the original SC430l except the tire is about 7% smaller. My Speed spare has a 1,653 pound load rating. The tire fit right into the plastic tray in the trunk, the same tray that contains the jack, tire iron, etc. It does take up quite a bit of trunk space and I'm considering a continental kit. The SC's had a 5-114.3 bolt pattern and I have found that many other cars also have that same pattern. If you decide to use another spare, the other issue is "Offset" and "Back Spacing", and you can get that info off of sites like I hope this helps.

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