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93 Ls 400


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Just wanted everyone to know I finally won the battle to stop hesitation. Everytime the weather temp got in the 90s my Lexus would begin to buck and sputter and act like it would die. Over the years (thats right YEARS , I changed the fuel pump, filter, Maf sensor, cleaned and adjusted throttle body, changed temp sensor, wire, plugs,and probably 10 others things I forgot. The other day it was in 90s and I noticed that in neutral it ran perfect but when I put it in gear and held brakes while trying to put a load on engine it broke up badly, but would never do this when its cold.

SOOOO, I felt it has to be an electrical breakdown, went for the obvious the left bank coil. And I'am happy to say, SUCCESS!!!!!! replaced left coil and it runs perfect. Just a side point, when I did a OHMs reading on Old coil, it would register about 14 on I believe the secondary and if I held it there for 10 seconds all of a sudden it would drop to 9, tells me must have been weak circuit somewhere in coil. Hope this helps, believe me I know how frustating and expensive this can be. But it reminds me of a taxi driver in Cleveland who was taking me to the airport who said he had just come back from Hawiai. This was in Dec, I said "Why would you ever come back here in DEC., He said " Well its like this, like a man with a "bad woman" everyones telling him how bad she is, but he says, Oh she's just fine, I don't think she's so bad. He obviously loved Cleveland, it was home and he loved it. Moral: Don't fall in love with a old Lexus she will use you and abuse you but you won't be able to let her go!!!!! :cheers:

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