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Power Steering Question

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Has anyone had a problem with their Power Steering not working properly. I currently have my P/S light on in my dash and my power steering in not working properly. Any ideas or suggestions?

Thank you,


2006 RX400h

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Have you had the power steering link (EPS) assembly replaced?.

Certain vehicles may experience a noticeable gradual increase in the steering effort necessary at low speeds when turning the steering wheel to the complete left or right position. This condition may be most perceptible when parking the vehicle.
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There was an internal Lexus recall on the electric power steering rack (internal as not a federally mandated recall, but something Lexus did voluntarily before the goverment forced them to). The recall involved replacing the entire rack - something to do with the magnets in the rack coming loose and jamming up the works.

Easiest thing to do is call Lexus corporate (you're in Canada or the U.S. I assume), give them your VIN number and ask if there are any outstanding recalls on the vehicle (outstanding in the sense that a dealer has not corrected the problem yet, not outstanding as in YAY!! Another recall...)

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I did call into the dealer and my electric Power Steering rack had been replaced. I gave them my VIN# and they were able to look that up. well thank you for the comments and if you know of any other trouble shooting ideas please pass them along.

Thanks Again,


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