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Beach Time!


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The wife and I went to Long Beach WA today. About 130 Miles from Tacoma. It gets its name because, well...It is one long beach.


Claims to be the worlds longest...Its 28 miles from end to end, and ALL of it is driveable. I would imagine there is a beach somewhere that is longer, I mean California and Florida are chock full of driveable beaches to be sure, but the Chamber of Commerce is the one that makes the claim, so who knows?

We drove the ENTIRE length of this beach, from end to far as we could.

The mutt, the wife (not pictured cause she would KILL me), and I all had fun.










I tried to get tail happy with the Ram, but the wife was yellin' at me when I got her spinnin' in the sand. Oh well. Not really safe to open her up with all the people and kids running around anyway. I did not see a speed limit sign, but on uneven, somewhat soft terrain, it was a rollover waiting to happen. More to come...

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This is the south side of the beach, facing the mouth of the columbia river. For Geographical reference, the town in the distance is Astoria, OR.






^the opening to the shipping channel.


All in all, it only cost us a tank of fuel and lunch...but we had a BLAST. More to come as soon as I get the pix off of my wife's camera.

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^USCG Lighthouse at Cape Dissappointment...I know, awesome name for a place huh?



^With regular gas out there at $4.22 a gallon, I am lost in deep thought, pondering just how in the hell I intend to get the Ram home...Thinking I might have to tap the IRA...:D


^Marv, without a care in the world, except for wondering how this giant stick got in his mouth, and what he is going to do with it next...


^Run! Run away from Dad!



^Astoria, Oregon.

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^Yours truly, giving the ol' hip injury (OIF 06-08) a rest.


^Knights Landing Lighthouse, Erected 1898, manned by lighthouse keepers till 1967, at which point it was converted to electric power. Still stays lit 24/7/365 today.


^Zoomed in from Bloom's Overlook, 557 ft. above Long Beach, 220 feet below the Knights Landing Lighthouse.

Thats about it. Like I said, it was the most fun I have had in a LONG time. But man, I am freaking spent. We hiked/drove/played all over hell's creation today. Probably hiked about 5 miles total, to get to a few of those good spots!

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Nice! Sure beats NY huh! Just your friendly reminder (I KNOW I don't have to tell anything about this) - make sure you rinse those driveshaft seals really well after hitting the sand. It's a grain, it don't break down, and it likes to chew on things that are rubber that move. After one summer back in the 90's with my GMC Jimmy on the NC coast...tore my seals to shreds... 'Course....I might have been hot-dog'n a bit too...but you haven't any pictures of proof, so I won't confess to Automotive Abuse... :whistles:

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The only problem with hot doggin' on the beach with a V8 is gas. I got 12.2mpg in the sand, with a VERY light foot. So I think she is probably fine, not to mention the torrential downpour I drove through on the way home. However, now that you have said it, to ease my mind I HAVE to go rinse my undercarriage, for good measure. Indeed, I did forget about it.

Being that it was a 130 mile drive home, and half of it was POURING, I am probably ok though. ;)

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