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Condensation In Headlight

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You can remove the lamp, heat it, pry the two halves apart, clean and polish inside and out, and re-seal. Or, buck up and buy a new lamp unless someone has a condensation-free used one. I've done the restoration more than once, lots of fun.

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Figure out how to take the headlights out; there's one bolt and two nuts attached to it. The bolt is on top the of the headlight, and the two nuts are behind the turn signal. To get to the two nuts you'll need to unscrew two or three screws in the wheel well cover to get access to the nuts. The nuts are 10mm, same goes for the bolt. Remember to masking tape the bumper to prevent scratching and it really helps if you take the battery out for the driver's side (you'll lose previous memory functions, and there's a special computer relearn procedure). Disconnect the three connectors to the headlight and if you take your time (up to 30 minutes, I suppose depending how new your bumper is), the headlight will come free.

With the headlight free, you will see this hole near in the back of the headlight housing. It's supposed to look like a snake or whatnot. That hole is directly connected to the inner housing, where the fog is most likely at. What you should do is shake the headlight so the fog condensation starts picking up, and then try to tilt the headlight in a way so that the water drips out of it. When you get as much water out, leave the headlight out in the sun or a low humidity area and the water should dry out completely. Once you're done with that, use some clear drying caulk (at your local home improvement store, I believe I used tub caulk) and seal any spot you think there might be a hole (Usually it's the small crevices between the black rubber and the gray plastic; don't seal the snake tube). When you're done test it by spraying some water on it, if it works good and reinstall the headlight. Good luck.

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