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Navigation Takes Me On Secondary Highway Roads?

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Hi, I have a 2010 rx350 with Nav and while traveling between major cities on the main highway it keeps trying to get me to turn off on secondary roads to get to my destination. I ignore it and then it recalculated and suggest the next turn off repeatedly.

Is there a setting to correct this? Thre is absolutely no good reason to take the suggested secondary roads (I travel this route often and the major highway is the fastest and most convent route between the two cities). Very annoying.


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Oops. I meant 2009 RX 350. Typing on a iPhone us tricky...

The answer is still "Route ... Preferences". All OEM and aftermarket navigation units work basically the same way and have settings to use or avoid freeways, toll roads, secondary roads; fastest way, shortest distance; etc., etc.

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It took me 4 years to figure out how to cross the skyway bridge. It wanted to take me through Tampa and around. The Secret is as stated Route Preferences. I had to allow toll roads.


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I haven't got access to my Navigator instruction manual, so could someone please tell me how to change the Route Preferences?

2007 RX 350 with factory nav.

I have my first long trip planned tomorrow morning, and I couldn't find the relevant menu screen when I tried this morning...

many thanks


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