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Iphone/ Ipod Use In 2008 400H

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I know this has been discussed several times but I'm still confused so forgive me. I have recently purchased a 2008 400h that I am really enjoying with the exception of the lack of ipod/ iphone connectivity for music. I miss this seemingly simple accessory and am wondering what I can do to be able to play music from my iphone over the cars stereo without having to break into to dash or get the dealer involved. Does anyone have any simple solutions. It would be nice to be able to control everything from the nav system but it's not a must requirement. Thanks for your help!

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There are plenty of simple solutions (FM modulator, cassette adapter, etc.) but all of them are deeply flawed. "Breaking into the dash" to install a top quality iPod interface is not difficult. One hour of your time and less than $250 of your money for an interface product like one from VAIS (check eBay) would give you a top notch iPod/iPhone music interface that you could control from your nav screen. If you are looking for a "magic" solution, I don't know what that would be.

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