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How To Change Rear Wiper Blade?

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Hi all

Could someone tell me how to change the rear wiper blade on the 07 RX 350, please?

Searched on here but couldn't find useful info

thank you


Get a refill from Toyota its cheaper. Watch this Toyota video same for RX350 only lift blade up no more then 60 degrees before snapping blade out. Or remove cap first. Gently pull blade insert out from the middle.

The video:

Good Luck

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Or get a Trico Exact Fit replacement blade.

As you can see these wipers. As you can see from the picture part way down the page, they make rear wipers that are exact fit replacements (I have one on my 2006 400h, so I know they make one for Lexus).

To remove the old wiper, you need to pull off the plastic cover at the base of the wiper (where the whole arm connects to the motor. Once this plastic cap is off, you can lift the wiper arm fully off the windshield so you can remove the wiper arm entirely and put the new arm in. You have to kind of pry the plastic cap on both side and pull apart as you lift out. It took me quite a bit of force to do.

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thanks all

I managed to just get the oem rubber part from Toyota, not the whole arm. This rubber part did come with 2x metal strips which are installed with the rubber.

IIRC I pulled the rubber away in the middle from the plastic arm and replaced it in the same way


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On my RX350 2008, I broke the whole blade following video above. Now I take the whole blade off by removing plastic cap then the nut and replace rubber insert with Toyota insert bought from Toyota dealer. Replace whole blade and cap. P.S. I didn't turn it more then 60 degrees. It broke because it's made out of plastic. Plastic cap pops off with screw driver.


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