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Rx 350 Miles Per Gallon

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I have a 2008 ES350 and am contemplating adding a RX350 to our fleet. My ES350 has always performed over the estimated mpg on the sticker for highway mileage which is 27. I consistently get 32 at 70-75mph on highway trips. In town mixed driving I get around 21.

What's everyone's experience with the RX? Does it outperform the sticker estimate, get the sticker estimate, or underperform the estimate?

Also, anyone with a hybrid RX feel free to chime in on it and mileage. That is an option also.

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You should note that when asking for mpg, a gallon in the USA = 3.78 litres, while a gallon in Canada (when we had one...) equalled 4.54 litres. I still convert the litres/kilometres to mpg, but my gallon isn't the same size as yours.

But to answer your question, with a 2009 RX350 doing about 65mph, I got 27.5 mpg (Canadian gallon). You should note that I just switched the engine from dino to synthetic oil and this removing of the sludge could decrease my mpg by 1-3 until the next oil change. I haven't driven enough in the city to give you an accurate mpg.

P.S. I have a 1998 6 cyl car who does 31 mpg at the same speed! So much for progress...

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