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Anyone With A White Ls Have Pix To Share?


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Several photos are in my gallery - here is a link to one:

The tint is 35% Llumar gray metalized tint on the side windows. 35% gray non-metalized tint was used on the back window to keep from degrading phone and radio reception since the antennas for both are imprinted on the inside of the back window. The eyebrow on the windshield is about 20%. All is in compliance with Kansas statues. If I was in a state where it is allowed, I would prefer to have 20% on the rear side windows but would still probably use 35% on the front side windows.

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That's a fine looking car Jim! Really impressive!


Thanks. I take somewhat obsessively good care of it. I've driven it since 2003 / 38,000 miles to it's current 138,000 miles and still like it a lot.

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Thanks for the picture! Looks great. I am calling another guy today but my last quote was $170 for all five.

Got back in the car from golfing and it was toasty! I worry about the sun hurting the leather which was very well taken care of in this car. Previous owner did a great job with it.

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