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Cost Of Brake Pads


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This is my first ABS car. I have always changed my own brake pads. Will it be any different with the LS430? How about pad quality? 90K on current pads. Getting a squeel on an occasional back up. I'm not a wait until the last minute to start brakeing. Also, I'm 84. Still ride. 3 Hondas. Rider84

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As Billy says it s simple straight forward job if you have replaced brake pads before,best to buy Lexus/Toyota pads.The pad shims are normally stainless steel so I just clean mine,lightly coat with copper grease and reuse.It's also worth removing the caliper pins to clean and regrease while you are in there.make sure you open the bleed nipple on the caliper when pushing the pistons back,the rear calipers have to be wound back in.

On a side note,I'm 52 and if I get to 84 I will be very happy, with 90,000 miles out of a set of brake pads you obviously look after your car as well as you do yourself.

I raise my hat to you Sir.

I forgot to mention there are pad wear sensors fitted to some of the pads which need changing over onto the new pads,they are held with clips which need to be slid off then the sensor is released,be carefull when doing this so not to break the wires as the sensors cost more than the pads!

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