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Bluetooth Amplifier

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If you are talking about the microphone amplifier, the attached diagram shows part numbers and where it is located. I have no idea how you tell which one you need. It looks like you would need to pop off the overhead light module in the headliner - very easy to do on my LS and probably would be on your RX. I suspect you will have to pry out the plastic lens cover and will then have access to screws that hold the module to the roof of your RX.

When I searched for the part numbers, I found part number 86290-50020 but it was listed only for the LS430 and at $47.24 (for a 2006 LS430) which is a discounted price (retail $77.41) if registered with a car forum member name. The amplifier is apparently shared among Lexus models. I also see part number 86250-48020 listed at $81.31 for an 06 RX350.

You could also try

People have their favorite online parts suppliers and a number of others have been listed in the past on this forum.

You could ask your nearest Lexus dealer for information about which amplifier you need or send an inquiry to one of the online suppliers.

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