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Engine Shuts Off After About 20Mins

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Long Story short.. My car got broken into last Fri and they took my aftermarket (Elcipse) nav system. AAggrhh!! After using a brick (which they kindly left on the floor out of respect) to bust into the back seat, they pulled out my Nav with the Climate control all in one and left exposed and ripped wires out for decoration. After getting back in the car (Filed police report, etc..) I started the engine (works fine) and drove to the auto glass shop to get the glass repaired. After the repair and driving the car home. The dash (speed odom..,fuel gauge..) decided go out. When I reached home I started placing electrical tape on some of the exposed wires when I accidentally crossed one and saw a spark. Uggh.. After finishing I tucked them back in decided to go to the supermarket a mile away and here we go.. after driving a mile I get to a stop light and the starts to chug dies out even after giving it gas to force the idle.. After receiving a jump and letting it charge up for about 15 mins still connected to the other Godsent driver's terminal. The Engine starts up and after about half a mile down the road it dies again!! Help!!! I checked the alternator fuse by the battery and it seems fine.. I don't know what to do.. My budget is super tight..! help!!! Please give me some suggestions to try out and not just: Take it into the REPAIR SHOP! I want to try everything possible before having to give my future child's college fund to save my 300!

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Did your aftermarket stereo/navigation equipment have a wire that was connected directly to the car's battery? Have you had the battery and alternator tested? Most chain auto parts stores will perform this service free of charge.

My previous 92 LS did almost exactly the same things when a leaking power steering pump shorted out the alternator. Your problems could be as simple as a bad battery - I don't believe the car's electrical system can function properly without a charged one - but I am guessing there must be a problem somewhere in all your stereo wiring that is causing your alternator not to work correctly.

It's probably not what you want to hear- but I have to think that the cost of a tow and a reputable mechanic's diagnostic fee will still be much less than what it will cost to change out various parts yourself until the problem is solved.

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