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Removing Door Speaker In 2003 Ls430


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I don't think there is a model year specific tutorial for this but the link below is for the 94 model which may give you an idea.

Look for partially hidden screws and fixings,there are normally 5-6 screws to remove then the rest are clips which need some pulling to release,a flat blade may assist in removal,disconnect any electrical connections once the panel is loose(puddle lights etc)

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The speaker in the passenger side front door is vibrating. I don't play loud music but it sounds like it's gone bad. How do I access the speaker? Is there a diagram to show me how to get to it?

Thanks in advance!

A word about the speaker. The sound system in the LS and other Lexus are matched with a crossover network specifically designed for the amplifier and head unit of that system. Replacing the old speaker with just any off the shelf speaker may not give you the impedance right for that amplifier or if the impedance is correct the sound quality may be sub par.

An OEM Lexus speaker is expensive but may be the best solution. Consult a reputable car audio installer for advice or contact "dcfish" on this forum. Others with experience may chime in here as well.


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Do you know if you have to solder the speaker or plug it in a modular plug?

The price sounds about right based on other post regarding this issue. You don't have to go that route and pay that ridiculous price. But if you do, you'll have a fully stock system, under original specs. Or,just work with a car audio guy who knows what they are doing and you should get by for under $100. with a really good speaker and some labor. I'm not trying to swing you one way or the other. I simply want you to know there is more than one option.

Also, have you done a search of the forum? There should be some good information out there about doing this very thing.

No. I don't know if the connections are spade, plug, or solder. My guess is plug.


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If it's the same as the earlier model take care removing the interior door opener trim,make sure you have removed all bolts/screws and use something flat to pop the fasteners located around the panel ( I've never broken one yet)Once you have the panel loose it should still be hooked on at the top of the door pull it out from the bottom and remove any electrical connectors for the windows/puddle light you can get to then lift the panel up and release from the top of the door remove any last electrical connectors.

When refitting hook the top in 1st then refit connectors then make sure the panel is aligned.To refasten the clips I give the panel a thump at each location point and they pop back in.

The parts are quite robust and not easy to damage.

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