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1994 Sc400 Just Handed Down To Me. Only 14K Miles...yes No Typo There.


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Alright, so im 18 and my father thought i was ready to drive his old lexus. Lucky me, he became a doctor, first thing he did was buy a sportscar...and have 2 babies so he never drove the thing. Last time it was driven was in 2006, new tires were put on it. 6 years later here I am, with a car that hasnt been started in years, and has been sitting on the same spot of the tire for 6 straight years. It had a good inch of dust caked on. So I pushed it out of the garage, and washed it, charged the battery over night, and tried to jump it. nothing worked. So I bought a new battery,changed the oil and fluids and tried to start the car. Started like it was brand new!!! didnt even turn over, the leather is still slippery like it was just bought and it still has its new car smell. The only problem is the tires..due to the fact that it was sitting in the same spot, the tires have developed "spots". When i started driving it felt like we were driving over thousands of little speed bumps, after about 15 miles the spots started to " smooth out" but it was still very noticeable. I have come to the obvious conclusion that I am in need of new tires and rims. I now ask for some suggestions.

I want to make the car look a little more modern too. I dont want to do major changes, nothing mechanical or too physical. Just asking for any suggestions like decals or something. If you have any suggestions that go against my thoughts but is just to good to pass up, feel free to let me know.


sorry about the bad grammar. its late and im too tired to care.

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Try putting Yokohama 520 series tires on it. You don't need the V or Z rated tires that came standard on it(you only get about 20,000 miles on them anyway and they are way more expensive). S rated tires drive just fine! Good luck.

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