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Possible Purchase Of A Lx570


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Well I've been considering moving on up to a LX570. I've been very happy with the LX450 and been thinking it's time to change. Obviously there will be some culture shock going to a LX570 from a LX450, skipping the 470 series all together. Here are a few questions I have that maybe you all could help with.

1. Should I consider an '08 or '09 model or is there any difference between these and the 2011 model.

2. I've not been able to test drive one yet and only have sat in the passenger's seat of one. Unfortunately the local dealer doesn't have any in stock at the moment. I kind of felt cramped in the LX450 being a tall driver. I installed seat extensions in the 450 making the leg room much better for me. How is the leg room in the 570 compared to the 450? I've looked at the specifications on the website and it seems there may be only an inch different. If the seat will adjust in a way so that my legs have full support I don't think there will be a problem. This might be one of those things I'm just going to have to find out for myself.

3. Not that I plan to take the SUV rock climbing but the 450 series had a center differential switch that I don't see on the new 570. Has Toyota implemented new technology replacing this or calling it something else now days?

Overall from the photos and what I've seen in person it's an amazing machine. Your input is appreciated.

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I own a 2010 LX570 and the car is more than I expected in every way. I would buy it again in a heart beat! I don't recommend you get the 2008 or 2009. In 2010 Lexus changed from "Lexus Link" to "Destination Assist". It's much better, offers better services and the big advantage is that you can call them while you drive and they can download your destination(s) while you drive as well. (Very useful). The 08 and 09 had a hard drive option to store music downloaded from an Ipod. The 2010 no longer has the hard drive option, (i wish it did) but you can play the ipod directly thru the nav/radio system by plugging it in. You can do the same with tho 08/09 but the ipod does not charge while in use. In the 2010, there are two connections to the ipod availavle, a usb to play music and a regular jack for charging the ipod. So in the 2010 you can play the ipod and charge it at the same time. (I could care less since I mainly listen to news and talk radio anyway) In the 2008 and maybe in the 2009 as well, the car came standard with 18" wheels and optional 20". In 2010 it's only available with the 20" wheels. (20" wheels look nicer) In 2010 they had only 2 options as far as I saw. Fully loaded with rear seat video or fully loaded without the rear seat video. (Mine is without since my kids are in high school). In 2011, the prices of the car went up significantly. So Lexus now has 3 versions of the LX570. I don't remember the exact options on each, (Check them out at the dealer) but I do know that the fully loaded one had 3 unique featers that were not available on the other two versions. Heated steering wheel (Great option that was not available on the 2010 LX), Rear seat entertainment and ice box in lieu of the center storage box. I have not personally seen an LX with the Ice Box, but from what I can tell it totally replaces the center storage box. If so, I would be hesitant to buy it since there really isn't much storage without that center box and I have a lot of STUFF in my center storage box. There is another option (radar cruise control with pre-collision) but from my investigation it is only on the brochure. Good luck trying to find a car with that option. In 2010 Lexus did not bring a single LX into the US with that option. I think it's an excellent option (I have it on my LS430) and would buy it if it was available. Maybe in the 2011 model year they are actually shipping LX's with it to the US. The used LX prices are very high. From what I can tell it almost doesn't pay to buy a used one since you don't save much. If you plan on keeping your car for a long time like I do, it pays to buy brand new.

Feel free to call me if you want more info. My cell is 818-424-0082. Amir

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Thanks for the great information. It sounds like a great vehicle to own. I agree with you on the dynamic cruise control option. My friend has a LS430 too and I think it's a very nice feature. I'm surprised it didn't come standard on the LX. I have seen one with the ice cooler feature (I think it was an 08' model) but never was able to test drive or sit in the driver's seat. It's a great concept but I would rather see the cooler in the second row or back like the LS 430. I'm really surprised they removed the music storage. On the other hand that's one less thing to fail over time Again, thanks for your input.

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Further to Ashron's post, I have the 2011 with the "coolbox" and I use it for storage part of the time (sunglasses + odds & ends) and then on family driving trips I clear it out, we hit the button, put a blue-ice thingy in there, and it keeps anything we want quite cold. Now when we go to the beach we just put all our cold-requiring items in there and then take a short walk back to the car. Beats lugging a cooler. Also, it keeps waters cold for long trips. I would not select it individually but it came bundled on my car and I am delighted to have it. Does not take away storage space as I have experienced.

As noted elsewhere, the 2011 adds the heated steering wheel. Came in handy for me this past Winter. Again, not something I would pay extra for but since the dealer has pretty much zero stock and you are ordering a 2011 anyway, and since it comes with the heated steering wheel, then so much the better for cold hands. At this price they should come with a masseese.

I have used the Lexus Enform a couple of times. It is very effective. My wife is creeped out to hear some stranger talking who knows where we are. But it works for me and my wife does not use it anyway.

-Extremely satisfied 2011 LX 570 buyer

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