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Recomendation For Aux Jack

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Can anyone recommend a solution so that I can hook my iphone up to the stock stereo in a 2001 GS300. I am already using a cassette adapter but that is a bit messy. I found out that Crutchfield makes one but I hear they do not always work. Alpine makes a direct-in FM connection but doesnt sound as good as the cassette adapter. Have I exhausted my resources or is there an unknown solution out there.

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I'm in the process of buying an '04 sc pebble beach, anyone know if it comes with an aux jack for iPods?

No it does not come with an aux jack but you might check to see if it already has an aftermarket iPod or aux-in interface installed. The interfaces from VAIS are particularly good since they allow control of an iPod through the navigation screen. Some people have installed Parrot MKi series Bluetooth phone kits into SC's of this vintage to get both Bluetooth phone and an iPod interface. A person on ClubLexus even piggybacked both together so you would have the nav screen iPod interface and Bluetooth but I don't think he reported if he ever got it to work.

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My recomendation is for you to replace the factory radio with a aftermarket radio of your choosing. Aftermarket ipod adapters are good but also expensive for your 2001 lexus, for the same money you can get all the latest goodies like bluetooth,ipod,iphone,aux connections and mp3 and radio tuner. I do this al the time for my customers. or at you tube @ protinttemplecityca.

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