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1993 Lexus Sc 300 Parts For Sale

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Hey everyone I have some sad news. About 2 weeks ago I got t-boned by a guy with a suspended license in my pristine Lexus SC300 5-speed. The car is considered totaled. I was hit on the passenger side door. I'm not sure what to do with the car at this point, but here's a brief desciption of the car: 1993 Lexus SC300 5-speed white exterior with beige interior Just under 130,000 miles. If anyone is interested in the parts for sale then let me know Thanks

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Im a new Lexus owner. I just bought a 1995 SC400. I havnt a clue if and what years are interchangable. I'm in need of a nose piece, hood and a oblong high beam piece of glass. Will you consider a few minutes of your time with some help getting started in the right direction, in getting my ride looking like something that is beautiful as these cars are. I want to be proud of my new car, and other Lexus owners to be proud of it as well. Please help the new girl. Thank-you for any and all considerations. Becki

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