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1992 Ls400 Wont Start


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Greetings from NZ :)

Ok, so, I have a 1UZFE LS400. It is actually the Toyota Celsior equivelent but same car.

The water pump was leaking and making a grinding noise so I decided to replace the belt and waterpump with genuine new items. I Removed the hydraulic fan and radiator, removed the front pullys, covers, hydraulic pump and waterpump and cambelt. Replaced with new parts and reassembled. During the time, I managed to earth the + on the battery which blew the 120A main fuse. Disconnected the battery for the remainder of the time, then I replaced it with a 100A (its all they had at the store). I put everything back together, (lost no bolts and everything went back to where it should).

Went to start the car after, and it wont even crank. Turn the key, all the lights come up (no immobiliser light flashing or showing on dash). Turn to start and nothing. Have checked all the earths, fuses, etc.

I should also note that I slightly damaged the left hand Cam position sensor when removing it, but sealed it back up and tested the resistence which was identical to the other one so I assume it works. I also damaged the temp sender next to the thermostat housing, but replaced that with another from a Toyota. The resistences were exactly the same on the old and new one.

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Did you actually ground the + post of the battery? I'm not sure why that would blow the main fuse as that short would have been ahead of the fuse circuit. Or are you saying that you shorted some +12VDC circuit (maybe alternator charger port which is after the fuse)? I guess you know why step #1 on TB change is to remove -negative lead from battery.

The obvious is to check every fuse in the various fuse boxes. The negative surge could have cause secondary fuses to blow as well due to the back rush of current.

When you turn key do lights dim? then maybe its a dead battery and or poorly torqued battery leads ( a starter motor draws >300Amps at inrush you need very tight connections to pass that kind of current). Any clicking noise of starter solenoid trying to engage?

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