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2002 Sc430 Navi Disc Problems


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Hello all,

I just bought a new DVD Navi disc ver. 10.1 for my 02 SC430 after it updated put then it says no disc detected, and now my original disc I think it was ver. 2.1 when I put it back in it says Disck wrong version.

Do you know how to down grade my Navi system so I could use the old disc? Or Can I force tthe system to update again?


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Was it a real Lexus update disc or a copy someone burned? I've been told that non original nav DVD's don't work well in older generation Lexus's Nav systems. They might work in a later year but not in a 2002. Assuming that's what you tried you might have to break down and buy a real one from Lexus.

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Great avatar Lee! BTW, how can you be sure that the DVD is OEM? Is the disc id printed in the center of the disc marked? This would be in an area that a DVD burner could not read or write to. These areas generally contain manufacturer information and sometimes copyright etc...

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