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Mortgage Rates / Hurdles


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I know we've got some business folks here, thought I'd ask for some opinions.

There appears to be about a 90% chance that I'll be able to add an "n" and "e" to Chitcago in Chitcagone! Heading to keep my word to you victims of SWO to pester him to buy that LS he's been threatening about for all of these years.

SWO is helping me out off the boards here as well.

It's been a few years since I've poked around the residential mortgage markets, not sure how the platform works these days. Some of my normal sources in the past still have their heads down in the sand. But, I know some don't. So, my question is:

Anyone applied for a mortgage lately? Are the 28/36% debt balance ratios still the guide for conforming loans? Process making the dentist look like Disney Land?

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Actually, nevermind, I got all the right answers last night. Life is lookin' pretty good :cheers: to SWO

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Was going to tell you that I just closed on a building and the financing wasn't bad. I think as long as you put 20% down and your credit is good you should be fine.

But they actually ask you to show proof of your income? :whistles: What's that all about! :lol: :)

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