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Aftermarket Headlight Housings?


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I have a 90 LS400 that both of the head light housings (the glass/plastic part that the bulb goes into) have broken mounting tabs. This makes it impossible to properly aim the lights, so its nearly impossible to see at night. The junk yard is nearly impossible to find a good pair of lights especially for a decent price. I was looking on eBay but all I found were 6pc sets including corners (which were extremely ugly, BTW) and fogs. My fogs are perfectly fine, as are my corners, I just want to replace the headlights themselves. Does anyone know of somewhere I can buy replacements, preferably something with smooth glass?

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I'm not sure if it was on this board or another, but someone mentioned on another thread that Lexus made a 'tab repair' kit for the headlight housing. As far as cheap replacements, I haven't seen any. cornering lights can be had used for $25 to $50 bucks, but headlight replacements are an arm and a leg, and I don't know why. i have the same problem, if i find the p/n for this 'tab repair' kit I'll post it.

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