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No Overdrive, Cont'd

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Well, I had been puzzling over the lack of overdrive, did all the routine things, replaced the coolant temp sensor, replaced atf. Took it to the transmission shop and they thought it was electrical. Took it to the elec guy, and he thought it was a bad computer.

Cost of the specific ecm was >$500 new, at $150-190 on ebay (used), and I could get it refurbed for about the same.

I decided to wait and see if one showed up at a salvage yard in the area.

Today my prayers -- such as they were -- were answered. I discovered a pullapart nearby had just dropped a 94 es 300 on their lot yesterday. So I ran over to pull out the ECM, believing that it prolly wouldn't be the right one (there were maybe 3 or 4 different ones for that year). But as I pulled it out I saw the sn matched and I whooped, scaring the guys working on a car nearby.

Not only did the ecm match, but so did the trim code (a rare lg 095, darkbrown/mauve seats), and I was able to get the rear seat upright, in nearly new condition to replace the one I had which had a bad case of leprosy on the top -- this was icing on the cake!!

So next, I ran home and installed the new/used ECM (and the seat). Took it out and OVERDRIVE WAS THERE! Now able to cruise at 70 mpg barely topping 2500 rpm, and when I take my foot off the accel at 40 mph the rpms drop to 1000! Amazing.

I'm gonna drive it around some now, see what kind of mpgeez I'm getting.



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