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Weeeeeird Ac Problem

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heres a little prefacing...i replaced my compressor and receiver drier, replaced some o rings, then went and had it evacuated and charged. it was gloriously cold.

couple weeks later, my AC is blowing kinda warm..if its hot outside, it really sucks. the low side pressure line never gets cold and sweaty..however, the pressures are right on target, high and low. so there are no leaks, with correct pressures, that indicates theres no blockage...anyone have any ideas?? bearing in mind these unique symptoms, again, this stumped my ASE certified friend who has yet to see such a problem. would love to get some insight..mine is a 94 sc300, automatic with 207k just an fyi in case that helps your assessment. thanks guys

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turns out the evaporator core was leaking a bit, but another ASE suspected the expansion valve, and since i found one cheap i went ahead and went for it. ac is working beautifully now, ive been so preoccupied with getting it fixed, that i forgot to come back and check here. most likely expansion valve was sticky. was original parts, after 208k miles :P

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