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New Chrome Rims 2004 Ls 430


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The chrome rims on my 2004 LS 430 are badly scared and corroded.

This has destroyed the seal necessary to maintain stable air

pressure - air leakage is a problem. Since the problem cannot be

resolved, I have decided to purchase new chrome rims. However, that

is easier said than done. It is next to impossible to find chrome

rims that will fit P 225 / 55 R 17 tires and over the large brake

rotors on the LS 430. Have looked at wheels by Velocity, Verde,

Devino, etc., etc., etc. The few chrome wheels that I have found

are either gawdy, uglier than sin or totally unsuitable for a fine

luxury automobile. Any suggestions of where I might find suitable

rims. Please give brand names and identification numbers.

Thank you,


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Are the ones you have now OEM? If so, why not look for another OEM set?

Ebay usually has some OEM's that have been tripple chromed. Key is to remove them before winter. No chrome wheel can survive the sand and the salt without peeling. I personally have 2 sets of wheels, one chrome set for the summer and a regular silver set for winter.

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