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Rx330 Tire Question

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I do not find my 18"'s to be overtly noisy...but then again, compared to the 20" tires on the rental FX I had for the past two months, anything seems quiet.

Sound aside, they really should offer something larger than the 18" inch...they look so tiny in that big ole' wheel well.


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Any increase in wheel width will cause a reduction is smoothness and quietness because there is less sidewall to absorb bumps and cushion noise. The plusses for bigger wheels are better handling and better looks. If ride is your top priority always go with the smallest wheel diameter availiable.

Lexus isn't going to offer bigger wheels anytime soon because of their claim to fame being the great ride and quietness.

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I just replaced my 2004 RX330 original 18" wheels, and upgraded for 19" wheels with no modification / no spacers needed. It handle better now, and same quitness.

I'm selling the original RX330's 18 inches silver wheels & Goodyear Eagle RSA 235/55/18Tires with less than 200 miles (tires still have nubs on them) for $1000.00

I'm in Los Angeles, and I can ship it to lower 48 state of USA. Buyer pay shipping cost.

Also, weekend or weekday-evening pickup is welcome.

My email is

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